Graco Magnum x7 reviews

Graco Magnum x7 reviews: Is it worth buying this paint sprayer?

You will realize the difference that these paint sprayer Graco Magnum x7 reviews make when you have to get on with painting your house using a roller or a paintbrush. Graco Magnum x7 is a powerful tool that any fan of house decoration or professional painter must own.

The performance of a roller or a paintbrush will never beat that of a paint gun. So, if you want to DIY your bedroom´s walls, repaint that old fence outside of your house or receive many house-renovating contracts, why not make the job easier with the help of Graco Magnum x7?




  • Total control over the pressure of the spray
  • Easy to move the paint sprayer around with an additional cart
  • Smooth layers of paint with high coverage
  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Can cover big surfaces with paint in seconds
  • Easy to clean the leftover paint in the pump
  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals, very simple to learn how to handle the included tools
  • Long hose reach that allows to paint the house from top to toe


  • Loud noise when the motor runs
  • Inconstant clogging
  • Paint only up to 150 gallons per year, not much for professional painters who deal with huge projects


Magnum x7 airless paint sprayer is suitable for amateurs and professionals

This paint sprayer may look complicated and hard to use at first glance, but that is not true. By purchasing the full set of gadgets, customers will receive an instruction book that facilitates the set-up of every detail. After having the pieces coming together, Graco Magnum x7 doesn’t cause any trouble with the painting process.

All you have to do is place the cart and the sprayer’s motor in one spot, put the paint tube inside of the paint bucket or gallon, and enjoy giving new life to your bedroom’s walls or exterior furniture. It is easy to use for both amateurs and professionals. With this tool, you don’t need to take classes to paint your own walls.

With the additional cart, using a Graco paint sprayer doesn’t make you break a sweat

Who says painting has to be a hard job? With the help of the additional cart, moving the sprayer around is as easy and relaxing as taking a walk around the park. The cart takes away the weight of the motor and shortens the time that customers need to move the tools around the room or the house.

Also, the design of the cart assures that customers can transport about 5 gallons of paint at a time. This feature is incredible considering that painting can be exhausting if the painter is dealing with a large scale project, especially when they have to carry the paint to different places themselves.

Long hose allows impressive reach, you won’t need a ladder

Redecorating can be tricky when the subject of the project is the exterior walls of a multi-floor house. Normal gun sprays aren’t efficiently designed to meet this need. Magnum x7, however, is just as powerful with a 3 meters or a 30 meters hose.

This potent paint sprayer performs perfectly with a hose that is long enough to paint the 3rd or the 4th floor of a house. With this capacity, it is no big deal for professionals to cover the outside walls. You won’t even have to use a ladder.

Powerful and adjustable pressure: Cover a broad surface in seconds or touch up minus details

Magnum airless paint sprayer owns a magnificent motor that can release the paint with great force (if that is what you are looking for). Thanks to the high pressure, it only takes a few seconds to cover a 5m2 surface, which means, to paint an entire wall, you will only need minutes to complete the task.

On the other hand, some projects don’t require a quick process. Instead, precision is what the customer strives for. A crib for baby, a vintage chair or an imperfect wedding room that needs a makeover are some projects in which painters must show the delicacy of their skill.

This is where the adjustable feature of the Magnum airless paint sprayers comes in handy. A lower flow is recommended in these types of work since it is more precise and it doesn’t waste the paint.

Cleaning the tubes can’t be easier with PowerFlush Adapter

Cleaning is the least fun part of the process. That is why Graco Magnum x7’s designers found great interest in creating a fast and easy cleaning system.

With the help of PowerFLush Adapter, you can easily clean the tubes and prevent any clog from accumulating. It is recommendable that you clean the tubes regularly for a better experience.

How to clean the tubes effectively: Attach the intake tube to any source of water, like a tap or a water hose, switch on the PowerFlush mode, and let the machine do its job.

The motor helps push the remained paint in the tubes outside and makes sure that the paint sprayer is durable and long-lasting.


Many reviews from customers have shown that this paint sprayer is a helpful gadget, but, the tool definitely needs some updates. For users who love to DIY, the paint gun is more than enough.

It is convenient, quick, flexible and is at an affordable price. Their reviews truly highlight the versatility of Graco x7 Magnum. For users who are engaged in carrying out big projects, Graco x7 Magnum seems insufficient since it is limited to paint only 150 gallons of product per year.

These professionals believe that this paint sprayer is perfect for smaller projects or personal use.


Graco x7 Magnum has received wonderful feedbacks from customers and overall, the product is ideal for personal needs or for projects that rank from small to medium. You can purchase the product from Amazon at this link. The price is very reasonable for such a flexible and neat product.