How to Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding (5 Methods)

Have you been attempting to figure out exactly how to eliminate spray paint from vinyl exterior siding? If you have, you aren’t alone. Lots of people find themselves in a circumstance where they have to tidy spray paint from their home siding and are stuck wondering where to start.

Bear in mind, you will require to eliminate spray paint from your vinyl exterior siding if it splashes mistakenly when painting or if you are intending on giving the siding a brand-new coat entirely.

No matter why you intend to get rid of the spray paint from plastic home siding, you will certainly need to manage its removal.

In this post, we will provide an overview on the various approaches you can utilize to get rid of spray paint from plastic house siding if the demand occurs.


Male eliminating spray paint from vinyl house siding with soap as well as water
Material Required To Get Rid Of Spray Paint From Vinyl House Siding:
Getting rid of paint from vinyl home siding needs you to be well furnished with all the products you would require to complete the task. A few of the must-have supplies to remove paint from plastic exterior siding successfully consist of:

  • Graffiti eliminator formula like Motsenbockers
    The particular solvents discussed below, like mineral spirits and repaint slimmers
    A scrubbing brush– should have tool to coarse bristles to make it a lot more reliable
    Item of fabric
    Pressure washing machine
    Little container
    Lots of water

Just How to Get Rid Of Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding: 5 Simple Approaches

1. Stress washing machine

When you have paint on house siding, the first option you have is using a stress washer to remove it. The primary step of removing spray paint utilizing a pressure washer is to make a solution of water and also laundry cleaning agent. It does not matter what sort of detergent you make use of as long as it doesn’t have a lightening effect on the vinyl siding.

How to Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding (1)

You after that put the mixture on the paint and also utilize a brush to scrub it off. You should perform an extensive scrubbing up until you eliminate it. Once you are satisfied you have actually cleaned it properly, utilize a power washing machine to rinse the location formerly covered by the paint. It would certainly assist if you routed the nozzle to the damaged location to make sure all the paint residue is washed away. Duplicate the removal process a number of times prior to washing it if you find the discolor hard and also persistent to eliminate.

2. Graffiti removal cleaner

One more excellent choice is a graffiti eliminator. This is optimal for any individual who has actually acquired the prominent formula to eliminate paint discolorations conveniently.

When utilizing a Graffiti eliminator, all you require is the formula. Apply it on the exterior siding, and leave it to saturate for a couple of mins. You can after that make use of soap and also water to scrub off the paint fragments with ease. Graffiti eliminator formula can be useful in removing dried paint or deck tarnish from your plastic home siding. There are numerous Graffiti cleaner brands that you can go with, and a few of the usual brands are conveniently offered in your neighborhood residence or equipment shop.

3. Soap as well as water

A soap and water wash can additionally sometimes suffice. You do not require to use bothersome cleaning agents to eliminate it if you are dealing with a water-based paint. The technique is constantly to ensure you clean up the affected area with soap and water immediately. If the paint has moist up, you have the possibility to remove it effortlessly.

You can also utilize a brush to scrub the damaged location and eliminate as much paint as you can. When cleansing the location, make sure that you use sufficient soap instantly covered by paint and also focus on it. As soon as you are pleased with your cleansing, use clean water to rinse the location. Wash once again if you understand that some spots of the paint are still adhering to the place. Think about making use of other solid cleaning agents to clean it if washing the vinyl house siding with soap and also water does not get rid of the tarnish.

4. Mineral spirits, or paint thinner

Although washing with soap as well as water can remove water-based paint, the task might show tough when handling oil-based paint. You will need to consider using a paint thinner or mineral spirits to remove the stain in such circumstances.

Initially, you require to scrub the paint thinner or mineral spirits on a piece of towel and also use it to clean up the discolor. Get rid of as much paint as you can till you have just the persistent patches of the paint remaining. Use the paint thinner or mineral spirits on the paint patches as well as scrub the location affected completely. Along with scrubbing with the paint thinner, you can likewise make use of a pressure washer to make the removal of the discolor easier. Repeat the process until the spray paint is eliminated from the vinyl siding.

5. Cleaner (Goo Off)

The last resort ought to be utilizing a cleaner like Goo Off if you have actually tried every technique as well as the spray paint stays stubborn. When dealing with spray paint on vinyl home siding, this item is a cleansing solution that can do miracles for you.

Although some people may not be proficient with Goo Off, it is worth noting that it aids remove things adhered to something. Goo Off has a number of usages, and also it can be used to clean scuffmarks, bubblegum, and also spray paint.

When using Goo Off or various other cleansers, we suggest that you make use of the professional-grade 12oz. Remember that the cleaner is a chemical, which implies that you need to examine it before utilizing it.

When you have paint on home siding, the very first alternative you have is the usage of a stress washer to eliminate it. If you are dealing with a water-based paint, you do not require to use problematic detergents to eliminate it. You can even use a brush to scrub the damaged location and also remove as much paint as you can. Get rid of as much paint as you can until you have only the stubborn spots of the paint continuing to be. Use the paint thinner or mineral spirits on the paint patches and also scrub the location affected extensively.

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