Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590 Paint Sprayer: Best paint sprayers for beginners

Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590 Paint Sprayer. Which one will win in this face-to-face battle of best paint sprayers for beginners? Do-it-yourselves projects are always exciting since the creator has total control over it. And paint works are the best of them all.

Many DIY-ers don’t have experience in painting, nor with traditional brushes nor with modern sprayers. So it is understandable that many have a drawback when buying an automatic paint sprayer. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

This article will provide you every detail about the two best hand-held spray guns on the market: Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 Sprayer.



From the design, it is not hard to tell that Wagner Flexio 570 is very similar to Wagner Flexio 590. These two models come from the same line and they share, more or less, the same features. Here are the pros and cons of Wagner Flexio 570.


  • An economical choice for a beginner, especially for an automatic paint sprayer
  • Can cover a large surface in minutes, reduce half of the working time
  • Suitable for both water-based and oil-based paint
  • Adjustable paint flow with 2 speed settings
  • Can diffuse about 7.2 gallons of paint per hour
  • Easy to clean
  • Deliver an efficient job without wasting the paint
  • Give layers of paint with a natural texture that resembles that of rollers
  • Perfect for covering and detailing, combine the function of paintbrushes and rollers


Experience clogging from time to time


Wagner Flexio 590 is a versatile paint sprayer that can meet the need of different groups of painters. This tool is suitable for both amateurs and intermediates while Flexio 570 is more recommendable for common users. Check out the strength and weakness of Wagner Flexio 590.


  • Suitable for both intermediate painters and DIY fans
  • Work fast while maintaining the paint’s performance
  • Easy cleaning for removable parts
  • Come with two nozzles that are designed specifically to cover a surface quickly or to touch up
  • Can spray up to 8 gallons of paint in an hour
  • Give the same paint texture as the rollers
  • Adjustable paint flow with free setting


  • Higher price since the paint sprayer comes with a set of two nozzles and a tool case
  • Clogged occasionally


Alongside similar features that both sprayers share, these are some fundamental factors that make one sprayer better than the other. Comparing the price, the ideal customers, the main purpose of these tools, etc., users will find out which one is better according to their needs.

Price-wise: Wagner Flexio 570 is more affordable

For beginners, Wagner Flexio 570 is definitely the better choice since the sprayer is more affordable and it is easier to manipulate. The spray gun comes with additional accessories that support personal and small projects. You can paint the interior or exterior walls, fences, tables or any other furniture. The nozzle is adjustable to paint vertically or horizontally, which is incredible since the spray gun weighs around 4 kilos. This feature alleviates the inconvenience and difficulty of holding the sprayer and adjusting the pattern of the paint yourselves.

Wagner Flexio 590, on the other hand, is pricier since it is more potent and harder to manage. This sprayer can spray smooth and even layers of paint. And touchup is no big deal with it. The sprayer comes in a set with two nozzles: iSpray nozzle and detail finish front end nozzle, and a case to store all the tools.

Painting speed: Wagner Flexio 590 wins the round

According to the amount of paint that Wagner Flexio 590 can spray per hour, this paint sprayer is no doubt faster and more powerful than Wagner Flexio 570. Flexio 590 can paint up to 8 gallons per hour while Flexio 570 can spray up to 7.2 gallons per hour. Even though both are relatively fast, Flexio 590 runs smoother and therefore can complete the job in shorter amount of time.

However, it can be tricky or easy depends on how the painter manipulates the tool. A fast paint flow is useful for those who have experience in painting with modern sprayers. But for beginners, a quick paint flow might not be an ideal feature. Wagner Flexio 570, since it works a little slower than Flexio 590, is easier to learn how to use and to manipulate. So, beginners should keep this detail in mind and look into what he/she needs to complete the project.

Speed adjustment: Flexio 590 is more versatile

While Flexio 590 offers various options for speed adjustment, Flexio 570 only offers 2. This is a drawback that makes the second sprayer less favorable than the first one. Users can change the paint flow freely with Flexio 590 so that it performs the best on the surface or detail that they are working with.

Flexio 570 doesn’t come with the detail nozzle. To fill in unpainted gaps, users need to set the paint flow in slow to cover the unattended surface. This way works nicely, but it is significantly less impressive than what the Flexio 590 has to offer.

Flexio 590 introduces unlimited options of paint flow. Painters are able to adjust the speed so that it is the most comfortable for the paintwork. And since the original set comes with an additional detail nozzle, users can paint every little detail that has’t been covered without wasting extra material.


Overall, Wagner Flexio 590 is more renovated than Wagner Flexio 570, which makes it the better paint sprayer. Flexio 590 is adequate for painters at intermediate or beginner level while Flexio 570 is more suitable for solely beginners. Both paint sprayers are potent, easy to use, easy to clean and convenient. To own one, homeowners don’t have to spend too much money on it. The tools are affordable and beneficial for every DIY project, from small to big ones.